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西南華人浸信會會友賀詞 SWCBC members Greetings to Pastor Leong: 3

Dear Pastor Leong,

Happy Birthday and wish you a wonderful year of joy and excitement to come! Your warmth and personal touch are qualities I tried to develop. Your knowledge and wisdom are goals I tried to attain. Your honesty and integrity are characters I tried to build. Thanks for being a role model. May God bless you even more richly everyday!

Angela Chan



Passion for Priesthood
Endless Love and Kindness
Touches Everyone’s Heart
Embraces Our Family
Respected for the Dedication to Serving God

It’s a wonderful blessing
that God has sent you into our family.

Love in Christ

Sally ,David & Karmen Chan / Hong Kong


Dear Pastor Leong,

Happy 60th Birthday! We’re looking forward
to the next 35 yrs of even more exciting ministry from you!

Thank you for always so loving and caring.
You have often make us feel important.

We hope we can make you feel important on your special day.
We love you, and we’re
so proud to have you as our pastor.

With much love & respect,
Eric, Dina , Chris & Michelle


Pastor Leong,

Thank you very much for your kindness and care,
although these many years I also wanted to thank Mrs. Leong, Carol and Cynthia . All they did that came from their heart.
Thanks again. May God bless you, your kind deed.
Pastor, I know these nothing that I can repay.
But I will pray our Lord will bless you with His wisdom to do His work and keep you in good health. You will continue to be His obedient servant.
Bring back those who astray, save those who are lost.
To glorify His name.
Here is just a little global bell, with the 2005 to wish you a happy birthday, Merry Christmas and happy New Year.
And many more to come. God bless you and your family.

In Christ & love
Helen Wong


Dear Pastor Leong,

Wow, your 60 at 35 ! What a wonderful blessing.
On this day, we wish you all the very best. Your humble walk has been truly an inspiration for us. Your time and attention to our family show us
how much you care. We are very blessed to have
you as one of our pastor. May God continue to
bless you and your family . We love you.

Mary,Herman, Allison-10,Angel-6,Andy-3


My Pastor

My pastor is not perfect,
But I have to thank God for his imperfect,
Because I can more easily relate to,
And I feel comfortable to seek help from him,

My pastor is very human,
He laughs behind the podium,
He weeps on the stage,
He brags about his wife all the time,
Oh, and his daughters too,
He talks about his struggles being a father and a pastor,
He doesn’t mind to share his emotions with his flock.

My pastor is a natural caring father,
He cares for the 90 year old as a 3 year old child,
Ask the seniors at our church,
And you will know how grateful they are,
He has sympathy and empathy for others,
He phoned me and my family in Hong Kong
when my dad passed away.

My pastor is your pastor too, His name is Peter Leong,
And he love us ALL.

From all of us to you, our pastor

Happy Birthday, Pastor Leong!

By Irene Ho
Edited by Isaac, Valerie, David
Oversee by Cheung Ho


Dear Pastor Peter Leong,

Happy 35 years of ministry! At the beginning when I first attended your church in 2001, I never knew how much an impact it has on me. But, because of your great leadership and your love for Christ, your church has bestowed great compassion, offer many varieties of fellowshipping for spiritual growth, and mission trips. I can finally say that I have found my “home.” So, I sincerely would like to give great “Thanks” for all your teaching, counseling, and service.

May God continue to bless you with great wisdom, strength, and courage to serve the great master. Happy 35th anniversary!

In Christ,

Jane Chau


Pastor Leong

Thank you very much for showing us
around and spending valuable time in helping us
feel comfortable rather away here at SWCBC.
In searching for a spiritual home,
your generosity and passion
toward people was one of the key influences
that made us decide to worship at SWCBC.
May God continue to bless his truly dedicated servant in you
Happy 60th birthday and many more fruitful ones to come.


Peter, Ann, Krysten, & Christopher


Dear Pastor Leong,

We feel so blessed to be one of your sheep’s in SWCBC.
In the past 18 years, we see you set a good example as humble servant.
We believe there are numerous challenge in your
35 pastoral life.
As the worrior of God, you never give up your duty.
We are so proud of you.
Your giving heart will be rewarded
by our giving God !

Love in Christ,
Robin, Glorie, Caleb & Ethan


Pastor Leong is a people-oriental pastor, not only in evangelism, in building up faith and fellowship, but also in care ministry. I appreciate and enjoy going on visitation with him, as well as having lunch and dinner fellowship.Happy birthday and a continuing blessed ministry in our church.

In Christ,

Wes Wang


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