Saturday, October 18, 2008

Goodbye and Jesus Loves You

Good morning Brethren and Sister of SWCBC:

Peace be with you.
May we enjoy His grace and love in the bond of Jesus Christ.

Yes, after twenty three plus years, by the leadership of Jesus Christ

I officially left my dear family of SWCBC on October 17, 2008.
I will retain my membership at the family of SWCBC until further notice.

I praise Jesus during all these years that I could serve you all as the
Senior Pastor of this great church. I have no regret to resign from SWCBC,
and I clearly know God is opening another path of ministries to me in the future.

This past stage of my ministries I experienced a lot of miracles and
His provision by your support. I understand Jesus will provide you with a new
leadership/Senior Pastor/Minister Team to lead the church

for future development. SWCBC will be the light/the salt of the great
metropolitan of Houston, even to the rest of the world.
I assure you that my prayers will be with you all.

God loves you so do me and our family.

Rev. Peter Tuck Soon Leong


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