Monday, July 10, 2006

Words of Appreciation from Pastor Leong and Family 謝 謝

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My family and myself wish to express our gratitude to all of you for taking your busy schedule to attend Pastor Leong 35@ 60 celebration on December 10, 2005.

We also wanted to thanks for your kind words, the wonderful book of letters and cards, the generous gifts and the overwhelming outpouring of continued love of our life and ministries.

We have always known that you are a warm, caring person that love us and support us so much that we cannot say “Thank You” often enough to express our appreciation to you.

May our dear Lord richly bless all of you as we progress together in the future of HIS ministries .
Your Christmas gift to our family is greatly appreciated.

Pastor Leong , Kate, Carol and Cynthia


謝 謝

時間參加十二月十日 梁德舜35@60 慶賀聚會。
您/ 您們的光臨,使整個聚會充滿主的光彩,主的名被高舉,
祂的恩典顯然發出光輝 !
您/ 您們的勵詞、賀卡與精心製作的禮物,流露出愛、關懷
與代禱! 我們無法用言詞表達對您/ 您們的謝意,願我們的主將
結滿了仁義的果子,叫榮耀稱讚歸與神。( 林後 9:8 ; 腓 1:11 )

梁德舜 /曹潔清夫婦 2005


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